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Terrariums, Vivariums & Reptiles

If you are looking for something a little different or more exotic than an aquarium Aquatic Escapes offers terrarium and vivarium design, installation and maintenance. We can also assist you in the setup of your new terrarium to ensure that you provide the best possible habitat for your new reptile.

  Terrariums are captive habitats for reptiles or amphibians. There are several types of terrarium environments that we can create, from a desert to a tropical rain forest. The types of animals that you can keep range from snakes to lizards to frogs and more. Aquatic Escapes can assist you in choosing the proper environment for your choice of animal, or the proper animal for the environment that you have in mind. We strive to create the most naturalistic habitat for all of the inhabitants, and you will be pleased by the result.

  Vivariums are a cross between an aquarium and a terrarium. They usually mimic an area where a river or lake meets the land. Vivariums incorporate water, fish, land, plants, and animals into a breathtaking display. Aquatic Escapes' trained staff custom modifies the aquarium to be able to provide a dry area for the land based inhabitants and a suitable water environment for the fish. 

 Aquatic Escapes staff members also have breeding experience. Some of the reptiles bred by our staff include bearded dragons, leopard geckos, veiled chameleons, and basilisks. We always offer captive bred or raised animals when available because they are healthier and more environmentally responsible.

Aquatic Escapes will install your new terrarium or vivarium and then customize a maintenance plan to ensure a clean and healthy habitat for the inhabitants while ensuring that the habitat looks its best and does not impose on your schedule or lifestyle. Contact us today with any so that we can start working on your vivarium or terrarium. 

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