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Aquarium Moving and Relocation

Aquatic Escapes skilled maintenance specialists can assist you in any aquarium moving need that you may have. Aquarium moving can be a daunting task, especially if you have never done it before. 

It is NOT recommended to move an aquarium with water in it, and in most cases, will void the aquarium's warranty. Additionally, moving can be stressful on the aquarium's inhabitants. 

Aquatic Escapes has the experience and know how to safely move your aquarium, minimize the inhabitants' stress and help get your aquarium running properly again.

 Are you moving to a new house? Aquatic Escapes aquarium moving can tear down your existing aquarium, pack everything up appropriately, move your aquarium to your new location, set everything back up again and make sure that everything is running correctly again. 

 Got a temporary move in mind? Aquatic Escapes aquarium moving service can do that too! Examples of temporary moves that we have done include 

- Temporarily relocating the aquarium so that new hardwood floors could be installed

- Moving an aquarium so that the wall behind the aquarium could be repainted.

- Moving an aquarium for a weekend so that carpet could be replaced

 Aquatic Escapes moving services can move your aquarium across the room, across town,across the country. If you have an aquarium moving need, please let us know so that we can begin developing a plan of action to meet your needs.

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