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"Green" / Eco-Friendly Aquariums

 "Green" is not normally thought of as a good word when it comes to aquariums, but with help from Aquatic Escapes, it can be a great thing. Aquariums are a great relaxation tool and now your conscience can rest easy knowing that you have an eco-friendly aquarium. 

Aquatic Escapes can design a "green" aquarium for you or make your existing aquarium more eco-friendly. Recent technology improvements allow us the opportunity to provide you a great aquarium with a lower carbon footprint than previously available. 

 In addition to new technologies, Aquatic Escapes can provide you with more eco-friendly decor and livestock. Many advances have been made in recent years and a lot of aquarium inhabitants do not have to be removed from the wild. 

Whether you dream of a freshwater or a saltwater aquarium Aquatic Escapes has the technology, the livestock and the know-how to setup and maintain a more eco-friendly aquarium for you.

Aquatic Escapes has also partnered with Carolina Clownfish & Corals to be able to bring you environmentally friendly fish, corals and plants that have been raised here in Alamance County. Carolina Clownfish & Corals raises freshwater and saltwater fish, plants and corals. These fish have never been in the wild which ensures they are disease free, healthy, and less stressed since they haven't had to travel across the nation or from another country.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your aquarium more eco-friendly!

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