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Campemento Palabra de Vida

Aquatic Escapes works with a children's camp in southern Guatemala. We have done several service projects there and were even able to donate 2 complete aquarium systems to the camp. The aquariums were shipped from North Carolina to Guatemala and then installed by Aquatic Escapes volunteers. Aquatic Escapes technicians then trained the Palabra de Vida staff on the proper care and maintenance of the aquariums. We also stocked the aquariums to make sure that the choices of fish were compatible and properly acclimated. Aquatic Escapes has returned to check on the aquariums a couple of times and make sure they are receiving proper care and maintenance.

Aquatic Escapes sent a 125 gallon aquarium and a 55 gallon aquarium to the camp and all the needed equipment to set them up properly. The 125 gallon aquarium was installed in the camp's auditorium while the 55 gallon aquarium was setup in the dining area.   

More information on the camp be found on their site.

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