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Aquariums for Schools Program

Aquatic Escapes believes that children are the key to continuing the aquarium hobby in the coming generations. One way that Aquatic Escapes is helping to get children involved with aquariums is with our Aquariums For Schools program. 

In the Aquariums For Schools program, Aquatic Escapes accepts donations of new and used aquariums and supplies. We then match them up with schools and teachers that can use them. 

Aquatic Escapes also offers assistance in lesson planning and the creation of learning programs. Additionally, Aquatic Escapes offers reduced rates on aquarium maintenance plans for schools.

If you are a teacher or school official that would like some aquarium help, or would like to be added to our list of aquariums that may receive donated fish or supplies please include your school name and school email address when you contact us.

If you have any fish, aquariums, or supplies that you no longer need please consider donating them to one of the schools in our Aquariums For Schools program, please contact us here. Be sure to let us know what you have to donate.

Please note- we do not currently have any schools in our program that are not in North Carolina

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