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Aquarium Maintenance

Aquatic Escapes has been providing commercial & residential clients since 1995. We take pride in offering the best aquarium maintenance in the Triad, and seek your satisfaction above all else. To accomplish this, we care for your aquarium as if it was our own, and provide you individualized service with a maintenance plan & schedule customized to your needs and the needs of your aquarium. Also, we use a holistic approach to aquarium maintenance that focuses on care and nutrition. We currently service aquariums from 2 gallons to over 200 gallons, and from Roxboro to High Point & everywhere in between. We provide exceptional aquarium maintenance services to Alamance County, Guilford County, Orange County, and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today to discuss options and start enjoying a worry free aquarium in your home or office! Keep reading to discover how we can solve any aquarium problems that you may have.Our aquarium maintenance packages are customized to your aquarium needs. Each month your invoice will be the same which eliminates any surprises for your budget. Visits range from once a month to once a week or more often depending on your needs and maintenance package selected. All of our aquarium maintenance plans include water quality evaluations, substrate cleaning, water changes with properly adjusted water, filter maintenance, cleaning of all glass surfaces, decoration cleaning, and any other tasks as needed. A quarterly report on your aquarium & its vital parameters is also provided. Emergency service is included with all of our plans. Aquatic Escapes also makes our own foods designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of your fish. We provide the same high quality care for your aquarium that we do our own aquariums. We do whatever it takes to ensure that your fish have the healthiest environment as possible. Additionally, we offer guarantee your satisfaction and won't rest until you are completely happy.



We also offer options that can make your aquarium owning experience as effortless as possible. With an automated fish feeder you will never have to worry about feeding,or over feeding the fish, 24 hour monitoring will save you from worrying about water parameters and allows us to check on your aquarium even if you are not home. Timers can ensure that you never have to worry about turning the lights off and on again.   


Commercial aquarium maintenance is offered to businesses and organizations who value quality service and want their aquariums properly cared for. Our flexible scheduling takes in consideration your hours of business, the needs of your clients and other factors to provide you excellent service. We will create a customized plan that will ensure your aquarium is always healthy and looking its best. Our technicians are as discreet as possible ensuring that your customers and clients are not disturbed, and that your aquarium always looks its best for your visitors. Your aquarium will be a conversation piece for everyone that comes into your office. Contact us today so that we can bring some relaxation to your office or waiting area.


Residential aquarium maintenance is another valuable service that we offer. We we know that your schedule is hectic and that when you arrive home at the end of the day you just want to relax. Aquatic Escapes values your time and works with your schedule to provide the most convenient aquarium maintenance anywhere. We are always on time for appointments, and call to let you know if we are running behind. When we arrive, we work as efficiently as possible so that we do not waste any of the time that you could be spending relaxing with your family and friends. We want you to have as much time as possible to enjoy your aquarium & with your family. Aquatic Escapes  accomplishes this by doing all of the work on your aquarium which leaves you free to enjoy your aquarium. If you are ready to stop hassling with your aquarium, or want to discover the joy of a new, professionally maintained aquarium contact us today.


School aquarium maintenance is offered to area schools at a discounted rate. We do this to enable children to be able to enjoy aquariums and learn about fish. Aquariums are a great learning tool and having aquariums in schools greatly benefits children. Aquatic Escapes believes that children should have access to aquariums and provides lower prices on aquarium maintenance to ensure that children can enjoy fish despite budgetary constraints. Aquatic Escapes also offers an Aquariums For Schools Program that helps lower or eliminate the cost for schools to have an aquarium. If you would like to contribute or learn more about the program please click here


Contact us to discover how Aquatic Escapes can create and maintain a piece of "living art" in your home or office with little involvement on your part.

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