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Aquarium Leasing

Aquarium Leasing is one of the many options that Aquatic Escapes offers to busineses. If you have ever wanted to have an aquarium but weren't sure if you wanted to invest the money in one an aquarium lease could be the right option for you. 

With a lease there is nothing that you have to buy so there is no risk to you. Our aquarium leases take care of everything for you from aquarium installation to adding the fish and decorations to the maintenance of the aquarium.

All of our lease packages can be automated so that you don't even have to feed the fish if you don't want to. Some examples of places where our leased aquariums can be found include day cares, nursing homes, and extended care facilities.

Aquatic Escapes offers a wide range of aquarium styles to choose from, in both freshwater and saltwater. Additionally, our packages can be customized to fit your decor, and each lease is tailored to meet your specific needs, ideas, and budget. 

Also included in your lease will be the proper maintenance package for your needs so that your aquarium will always look its best for you and your guests. 

With a lease there is nothing to buy, ever, including the fish. Everything is owned by Aquatic Escapes so if a part breaks, or a fish dies we do whatever it takes to correct the problem at no additional cost to you. Leases are a truly worry free way to have an aquarium

Aquatic Escapes offers a short term, try before you buy lease option. This is perfect for those people who think they would like an aquarium but are not quite sure. You are able to have a worry free aquarium for several months. At the end of the term, you have the option to purchase the aquarium, continue to lease the aquarium with our maintenance included, or if you decide an aquarium is not for you, you can return the aquarium. 

For more information about leasing an aquarium, contact us today with any questions you may have. Be sure to tell us about the location that you have in mind.

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