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About Us

Aquatic Escapes has been maintaining commercial and residential aquariums for over 15 years. Our staff members are carefully trained, and continually work to improve aquarium care techniques by reading books, websites, and attending conferences. Our staff members have experience in caring for all types freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We have the experience needed to provide your aquarium with the best care for whether you have a simple goldfish aquarium, or a full reef aquarium. 

Aquatic Escapes Aquariums focuses on your aquarium's water quality and the fish's health. We take a holistic approach to aquarium care and strive to create the most natural aquarium environments possible. Our years of experience have proven that fish we care for thrive when provided a excellent water quality. In fact, due to our dedicated care, our staff has been able to breed several species freshwater and saltwater fish. All of our maintenance experts are well trained and put your aquarium's needs first. Each maintenance expert values attention to detail, works efficiently, and with as little disruption to your schedule as possible.

Our years of experience provides our clients with the highest quality aquarium service available. You will simply not find anyone that cares for your aquarium in a more personalized manner and with better quality than we do. We value your aquarium as much as you do, and value our relationship with our clients even more. That's why we say offer "Quality aquarium installation & maintenance performed by professionals who care for your aquarium as if it was our own"

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